Tue, 10/13/2015 - 20:32 -- Tallyna

Once I was a lot of things
I had a blanket cape
A paper crown
A fairy gown
But somehow it escaped
I was saving galaxies
So sure of all I knew
But someone stole my powers
Now what am I suppose to do?
I was Cinderella
But midnight is long passed
Pumpkins aren’t PHDs
Fairy tales don’t last
I was so many thing
But what have I become?
Because those dreams I used to have
Are coming all undone
Writers don’t make money
We can’t all be J.K.
And when I was a little kid
That was still OK
But know I need a real job
To put bread inside my mouth
Everyone keeps asking
But I haven’t figured out
What I’m even suppose to do
If I even can
I don’t know my major
Why can’t they understand
That when I say “undecided”
It means I have no clue
How is it that as a child
I already knew
Cause then I was so wise
I never had to choose
I was never nervous
I never felt ashamed
So why do I stumble?
Why aren’t I the same?
They say you find “yourself”
In this college kind of strife
But when did I get lost
And who’s been living in my life?
Has my body been walking round
With some stranger in my head
Or is the self I used to be
Just buried, gone, and dead?
I was once so many things.
Once I had a plan
Once I was a little girl
But now I understand
That though things keep on changing
(including even me)
Parts will always stay
Until I finally figure out
What I’m suppose to say
When you ask me “Who I am”

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