Unconquerable Spirit

Dear Loneliness,


Quiet cricketing fills up the silence of the night

The fresh scent of grass lingers around me

The moonlight casts a soft glow across the sky

Maybe it is meant to be


Just the moon, the stars, and I


At the end of the day, the loneliness still remains

So overwhelming and exhausting

They say that it is not the end, just a fleeting moment

But the sand in the hourglass keeps falling and falling


Until it is piled there at the bottom


Pity is the only one that bides by my side

But I do not want the empty compassion of Pity

Only the warmth of rays of the sun upon the sea

And the tender caress of the peachy sky


So that my heart may be teeming with love


A love which brings forth relief

When I observe the rising sun in the east

A love which gives me the belief

That I can run and chase a dream


Because loneliness does not exist in a world of love


It is the passion that sprouts within love

That makes me forgetful of the loneliness

Without sacrificing myself

It is that passion that awakens me


To tell me that loneliness is not what defines me


For love of the world,

Passion from love,

And most of all the vigorous love for myself,

Is all I need to see the end of loneliness


In myself is an unconquerable spirit no longer pierced by loneliness.


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