Wed, 08/06/2014 - 16:13 -- sazla


Hey! You there! Yeah, you with the large nose!

Hear me mock and giggle as you pass by in the hallways, hear me shout out inappropriate comments about how your nose could poke someone in the eye if they made eye contact with you. Hear me berate you, mock you, bully you until you cry to yourself at night for your looks. Hear me taunt you until you contemplate suicide or decide to plastic surgery for your beautiful face. 

But what happens after that? Oh, she was so beautiful before, now with her nose job she's worthless for not being natural! Hear us further mock you for something you thought you corrected. Oh she's dead now? Poor girl, couldn't withstand the harmless bullying! 

We constantly critisize everyone that we see, we mock them and put them down to feel better about ourselves because we can't deal with our jealously. 

OH MY GOD EAT A FEW BIG MACS AND YOU'LL BE BEAUTIFUL! - but what was wrong with her body before?

OH MY GOD SHE'S SO FAT SHE BLOCKS UP THE ENTIRE HALLWAY! - why insult someone for their looks?

Slut-shaming, body-shaming, racism, sexism, taunting, rape jokes and gossip.

If it's not funny to be targeted, why do you target other girls?

Your jealously eats up alive before you can stop. You're the cause of suicides, plastics surgeries, awkwardness, and depression, but you fail to stop at your own selfish needs. 

You don't even realize what you're doing. 

Before you put on your face in front of the mirror, make sure your personality matches the beauty on the outside.


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