Unbroken lies

Thu, 11/24/2016 - 11:08 -- abelon

You spoke sweet symphany and transfered love to my lips.

You showed me the beauty I couldn't see in myself.

You held me through the dark times and told me it would all be okay.

Little did I know you WERE the dark times;

you WERE my unhappiness;

you were everything holding me back from being my true self.

You made me feel unwanted and worthless, yet special and worth it all at once.

You spoke to her the same words you spoke to me, 

and in the end it was her you chose.

But I am not broken.

I've found myself, my spiritualty, and all I was made to be.

You let me go long enough for me to realize you preyed on my happiness,

and I will never, EVER, allow myself to be treated as lowly as you treated me, again.

So I hope you find your happiness, and I hope she does too,

all I have to say is FUCK YOU.


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