The Unbreakable Me


I am the un-romanceable.

The unbreakable.

I am the character you rarely see.

I stay on the sidelines joking.

I listen, to stories unending.

Their lives laid in front of me.

They confide in me, the person that nobody sees.

For seeing a false me is as good as not seeing.

I am the confidence ascender.

The person defender.

I listen, I support.

But rarely is support given to me.

I am the character nobody sees.

I joke, rarely am I serious.

I hide my face behind a shield.

I deflect questions with sarcastic humor.

I hide behind a shield of false levity.

To be serious would be to show truth.

I can't show them me.

Who I am is a secret.

The person nobody truly sees.

Those who claim to know me never do.

They fall for lies.

They don't want the truth.

I am the person that hides so nobody sees.

I am the character that everyone assumes is indestructible.

I must be a bulwark for those who surround me.

For if they suffer injury twas I that inflicted.

I, who shatter like glass at the most fragile of glances.

Must protect those around me.

I smile, for I cannot be glass.

I must be unbreakable.

For that is the label I have received.

I cannot cry.

For I am the unbreakable.

The un-romanceable queen.

For if I am not unbreakable I am weak.

If I don't lie they criticize.

If I don't laugh then others cry.

Who I am is created.

Not for me,

But for those that surround me.

I am the one that nobody sees.

The unbreakable, the un-romanceable.


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Our world


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