The Unborn Missing


United States
33° 51' 14.4216" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W

While I walk into a house, there is a sorrow that floats in the atmosphere. I breathe it, I see it, I lived it. I walk into a room, and picture blood. Blood where, blood there. The mattress, I stare. A woman lay, in pain, she can't gain. She seeks for help, help is not here. She cannot bare. But still no one volunteers, no one is there. She yells, she aches. She's not worried for her, she's worried for his sake. How realistic to think that a baby will die inside of me. She reach, She reach, table cloth falls as she stumble on the floor. Hello, Hello. She thought it was God. A person said, "call 9-1-1" then she knew it was fraud. Three months later, she returns to the house, where she had no one stirring about.

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