An Unbalanced Bubble



Stunned now, in the sight of trouble,

We’ve been living carelessly in a bubble.


Poking, digging, polluting and prodding,

We’re deleting, vanishing and simply rotting.


Taking the Earth’s natural graces for granted,

And losing sight of what was once enchanted.


We’re slashing, cutting, groping and burning,

Leaving our world bare and churning.


Nothing more to do but watch,

As we drift aimlessly on this littered swatch.


She watches in horror as we pollute her gift,

And laughs in our faces when we need a lift.


We seemed surprised and roll to a stop,

With no effect now, we’re about to pop.


Dumbfounded by our own stupidity,

We’re underserving of Mother Natures’ pity.


Digging through our grotesque rubble,

A treacherous end to such an enduring bubble.


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