The Unbalanced Balance

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 23:35 -- Cryptid

How much, in a person, can there be,
demonic demons and benefactor angels.
For without, the balance of today's world
would be changed. Happiness and life all around
or saddess and death all to very close.
All those choose and follow one of the two types of being,
what's to say that one has already caused demonic deed to it's own kind
and all around it.
What a place that is so cruel and spoiled that is placed in a land that's unspoiled and rich.
It saddess me and all alike me,
to stand here and see what I see. What's to be done is not yet said,
but the results, I hope for you,
will be great and as glorious as it should be said.
When will the tepid minds finally warm to the warning that is said?
Gases, destruction, and death all too real.
Why can't more of the power it's being see it's problems?
Only some, if not few, truly see,
that danger is all around me.
In the water, air, and earth, things are dumped and pumped,
poisoning this very planet.
This being has already said that the balance has been adulterated.
Actions must be taken from this being to the earth, for is said must be done.
The Earth and animals in it need the help from the being that have corrupted it.
That being is said to be, a human being from which I can see.

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