Dear 5 no presents under the Christmas tree,

 only means that Santa is still working and refining your gift.  

dear 7 loud screams in the kitchen and hiding under the covers wont last forever,

your mom and dad will experience breakthrough and healing.

Dear 9 the comments of other students about your hair and the way you dress won’t define you,

Pretty soon the whole world will be into thrift stores (you just discovered it first).

Dear 15, that senior in high school is way too old for you,

 but you will use your hurt and heartbreak to inspire young girls to keep their innocence.

Dear 17 depression is not a place you will be in forever,

You will soon find out that happiness is not a destination, it’s a mindset.

Dear 19, you will take your first vacation to HAITI and find your passion for travel nursing and your love

for helping broken families.

Dear 20 you are working two jobs and your 16 year old sister just got pregnant, your brother was just

diagnosed with schizophrenia and your dad left your mom,

I know the world feels likes its falling,

Its not,

Your mom is healing,

Your sister is a phenomenal mother,

And your brother is doing great on his new medication.

Dear 21, coffee does not cure hangovers.

Dear 22 its 2018 and you are in nursing school

And you will be Legendary.

Dear 23…

This poem is about: 
My family


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