Unable To Understand

Hushed by the mad rush of information

 Crushing me.

My brain unable to stand its brute force,

I cave in

Under unknown G-force.

A knot forms chokingly around my throat


Fists grip at intelligence

Knowing its existence

Wishing to summon some unseen creature

To show more then just shapes,

Then just features.

You think little of me

  Not to speak in the crowd.

Names and faces

I wish to stand out.

Please think more of me then just the letter,

The C that shows little

It may yet weather

Hours spent to get lower then them,

The failures,

They have already given in.

I am stronger then them yet

My body doesn’t recognize it.

You come at me with tests and quizzes,

All I wish is for verbal images.

The knowledge is contained,

Trapped in my mind.

My want to succeed leaves

Hours of studying in need.

Still it grows

Stronger then they know.



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