The Ultimatum

Tue, 02/16/2016 - 01:24 -- ejedem

I want to say I live a life with no regrets but that is not the case cause everyday something I didn't do stares me up in my face makes me feel like a disgrace makes me feel so out a place eveything I want is on the run and so I have to chase them down but there is nothing I find how can I be ahead in life when I am always behind I'm always trynna for see this and when I don't about the subject I'm facetious but then my jokes become so literal and pain then comes in intervals and then I find myself start to believe in the fact that I'm believen in something you claim is not there but you only see it your way I don't think that's fair but who am I to blame you explain to you that we have changed I'm a different I and you are not the same you simply try to simplify the truth that's wrapped up in a lie decipher whether not the lie is me getting to save you.  Look I don't know what to do I cannot get off the fact that I am in love with you and I know I really  need to but it is hard cuz everywhere I go I see you I believe that we can grow again like trees do sprout new connections make something better like seeds do your in my heart I bleed you I wont just get highlighted and cut like words on computers my heart is like a laptop and your the registered user. I said my peace and now I don't have nothing to say will you acknolwedge me or leave me be to crumble away actually it's too late cuz a decision  was made and that decision was too leave me be to simply just fade into that background of people that surround you doesn't matter if I wanna be around u the truth is this situation like a current pulling you and my tears of love are so deep that they drowm you. I get it I understand where you are I understand for us to move along u had to go far but I cannot help but wonder bout the stuffs that's hidden under that had changed you from them to now who you are . This is something I cant see with just my optical but this choice you have I understand its optional. So since your change up like the seasons had occurred without a reason I must reason that for you this isn't optimal. 

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