The Ugly Duckling!

Once upon a time, things were different. All your favorite stories did not end "happily" as you may know it. Deep in the forests behind a little old abandoned house lives a mother duck who sits upon ten recently hatched eggs. She hums a soft tune hoped to coerce her children out of the eggs. Little chirps and squeaks fill the air as one by one the little ducklings escape their former homes, all except one that is...the last egg to hatch is a large creme colored egg. The baby squeals and grunts trying his best to push against the egg. After minutes of excruciating pecks and taps, the duckling is free. He is much larger than other ducklings and far more uglier. His grey feathers are a rumpled mess compared to others' silky white wings. When all her children are adjusted to the new world, she takes them to the neighboring river. The setting is serene and peaceful as the birds chirp and the sun shines. The river flows south slowly and magically. When the mother duck jumps in her ducklings follow by example and jump too. SPLASH! SPLASH! The white ducklings all flock together and exclude the ugly duckling. "We don’t want you here!" "You're not one of us." They scream at the duck. The mother only turns her head to avoid the conflict. They were right after all, she had no idea how one of her children could be so ugly. The ugly duckling pays their harassment no mind and swims away to play alone. This goes on for weeks before the ugly duckling has had enough. "Hey ugly? Why don't you just leave?" one of the pretty white ducks yell, as they are all once again playing in the river. Fed up with the verbal torment the ugly duckling swims over hoping to make peace. "Why do you treat me like this guys? I may look different but I am still your brother. Mother do you not love me? Because I love you, I love you all! I'll forget all this ever happened if you just learn to accept me for my differences." The little ducklings says soothingly. All the white babies look at each other then at mother who nods them a signal. SCREEEK! One by one they attack the ugly duck. They pick and pull at his feathers. He screams out in agony as they tear at his skin. Blood quickly seeps from his body and into the river turning it a reddish color. They claw at his eyes tearing them from their sockets. They bite and push before finally drowning him. His screams are overlooked by the mother who only nods in approval. This is what she wanted. Finally, her family is perfect. Imperfections were not needed in a perfect society of beautiful white ducklings. The ugly ducklings lifeless bloody body slowly sinks to bottom of the river.











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