Uganda On My Mind

Tue, 02/11/2014 - 18:30 -- Duhrman

That little Uganda boy

Tripping, falling over glass

Decay and forgotten objects linger

When does it stop?

When do the bruises cease, And absent peace subside from the mind of that little Uganda boy

The mother

A tired and strong woman

She tries to provide but inside cannot see beyond the next moment

The next moment cannot, will not exist

The next course is of resources, but there is none

There is none because there is no one

No one to stride to provide the inside hunger and outside glow of a woman and child

I can be the one to give to live

 A clean water source that is a course to an increased life

Sustainable materials that bring out that glow that was lost long ago

The job is to design, to provide, and subside the pain

No longer will these ways of life of the Uganda boy exist

They are no longer needed, but seeded with love and hope

The job is to always find a way

The thing that cannot be found is decay



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