Tyranny of the Sun

The tyranny of the sun is harsh,

Oppressing its subject

Creating laws which say you always have to smile

But smiling is hard

It's hard to when your friends all smile

And crying is easy

It's easy when your friends don’t cry

But the sun, oh man, the sun loves smiling

The sun doesn’t believe that you’re ever sad

That you aren’t capable of smiling

That the night is trapped inside of you

That you’re quite the opposite of the sun

The sun cannot understand; you are her daughter

You should be bright, you should be sunny

You say that you do shine, you are bright

But the sun is blinded by herself, she cannot see you


But I hope you know

There is beauty in not smiling

There is peace in the night

What is inside of you is still, not broken

Your friends cry at night too

Your friends have trouble smiling

The sun is not the only source of light

The sun can burn

But the moon, oh man, the moon soothes

The moon understands

The moon sways with the stillness of you

The moon reflects the sun’s light

But the moon is not the sun

The moon is the daughter of the sun

And she does not follow the laws

She doesn’t smile, but she is fine, she is good

She isn’t a child and she’s finding her way


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My family
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