Typical Black Girl

Big ass, big tits, and over sized lips.
Long weaves, fake nails, and bright red ass lipstick.
Bad attitude, smart remarks, and the things that make me and you sick.
That's your typical black girl.
But it ain't me.
Rapping, twerking, and cussing every minute.
Messing around, having sex and getting pregnant.
Shit! This girl right here ain't with it.
I'm sorry.
I should have said this girl right here doesn't do that.
Proper English.
I know how to use that.
Oh so shocking!
She's educated.
But that's not all about me.
My ass.. Just enough to grab, my tits.. I hope they don't get any bigger, my lips... They could be just a bit bigger.
Weaves... Don't need it, fake nails.. Please, unneeded, red lipstick, just not my color.
All natural.
I wear lip gloss instead of lipstick and my real hair is so long and pretty that people mistake me for mixed.
Typical black girl.
Fried chicken, cornbread and collagreens.
Koolaid, watermelon, and string beans.
If you have that, get away from me.
Because I don't want it.
I eat out, drink cranberry juice, and the only time you see me eating beans, is on my burritos.
Racist comments, segregation, and stereotypes.
Race wars, hate crimes, and high death rates.
Okay okay.. Get ready for this one.
Y'all ready?
I love white and Hispanic guys.
They're so attractive.
For the love of God, my celebrity crush is Evan Peters!
Lord I'm sorry! But they're winning.
They know how handsome they are.
Lord, they know.
I love them.
Typical Black Girl.
That's what makes your typical black girl
But, I'm none of those things. I'm the opposite
 That doesn't make me any less black.
But to other it does
I'm apparently, not your typical black girl.
Apparently, in shorter terms, I'm white.
That's ignorant right?
Real ignorant.
I hear it from girls my color all the time.
But I'm not even surprised.
Because that's just  your typical black girl, right?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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