Type Guy 2

I’d like to leave a Billy Malloy footprint in your heart, A memoir for your self reflection, See I believe by ways of second chances, I had to reach a self resurrection, making some heart to heart connections, Let my selections of pain and sorrow be the needle and thread that sews your motherfucking mouth closed, so just sit back and listen, On my brightest days the sun was still colder than an Hitler's heart, and my filthy ways were dirtier than all the racism in roots, Im the Writer, director and star of my own blessed nightmare, The fighter the protector and wear my scars with pride type guy, some people only get a blank stare, and maybe at some point, I'll care but to be fair I’d like to melt you from a scorched glare, But if feeling & vibes were currency, I’d be a multi-millionaire, Im Sharing my Secrets with you the lonely & sad, Those Trapped in the well of bitterness or spite your in a Bad Place, I Don’t dwell on mistakes, We all partake In making Bad decisions but still i invision the good in people intuition, and I dont get clouded by family & frauds opinions, So listen im still struggling Striving on vibes and hungry to feed on knowledge, even though I was once addicted to dope still I read to feed my mind with hope, My adhd mind a sacred playground, I won’t let hatred demolish my mind which is so damn polished, I have a open-minded train of thought it can expanded without disbanding the roman empire, I only desire my family's love and To inquire whats mine I Acquire true inner piece and i can get higher In a society that requires judgemental thoughts and have a desire for sex being brought making morals Burns like a fire See I have become the freddy of my dreams Resourceful by all means High without morphine im Liberated from addictions quarantine I’m the fruit of hard working loins type guy ,Equipped to unleash these secrets
Deeper Than king Tut’s tomb type guy,
So yield to what you assume i am type guy It might just be a product of them not me type guy , i can be a Self consumed, Unacceptably ruined do not presume, I’m fitted for life people dont live no more, So be wise, not illy advise, I'm nothing special, I’m enveloped in the true pain from loved ones deceased,Too many beautiful souls released, Finally tread soft from own inner beasts, And with that being said It’s nice to write this letter only my eyes can see , so what Type guy you see just know if im not your type guy then all that has to say is byyyyye fucking bye...

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