To Ty, with love.

These feelings that I have for you,

Are nothing, but tried-and-true.


I would never tell you lies.

No matter the reason why.


You and I might fight.

We might even cry.

But I’ll never leave you,

And here’s the reason why.


Ty Mitchell, I love you,

You’re my one true love.

I truly believe,

You were sent from above.


You’re the love of my life.

I cannot wait to be your wife.


Thank you for being you and loving me.

It’s all I could ever ask for.

I can’t wait until we have our own family.

Thank you for making my heart soar.


I love you more than life itself.

So let’s not give up, but hold on tight.

You’ll always be my one and only.

You’ll always be my light. 

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