Wed, 01/28/2015 - 22:32 -- kolynce

I got two descriptions
One that I see
One that I feel
I'm not sure

If what I’m seeing

Is the same

As what I'm feeling

Not sure if you're the one

 I've been looking for

But there's one thing

 I can hold on to

Something I can always

 Run to if I'll need you

Something I'll cover myself

 Up when I'm cold

Something I'll drink up

 When I'm thirsty

Something I'll fight with

Even when I'm defenseless

Something I'll wake up

In the morning

And I'll crave for

Without shackle

Without tire

Without resentment

Without grumble


With outmost gratification

All my senses

Come to life

When I feel it

All my breath

Shortens every time

I listen to it

All my skin weakens

Every time I fell it

All my eyes

Dilates every time

I see it

And the love

I feel for you

Makes me feel



 Is "sunrise"

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