Two Sides of The Window


One side is where your on the inside looking out 

And the other is when your on the outside looking in 

There is nothing in between except that clear glass that allows you to see through that wall in front of you

Inside looking out at the world that looks so free and peaceful

The clouds move covering the sun and moon 

Watching shooting stars making a wish you dont even believe will come true... Just doing it for the fun of it. 

Raindrops even have a sense of beauty and free spirited instability 

Everything is safe and harmless all flowers blooming and ecentric rainbows


Outside looking in at the warm bed and secure home

Lights that can help you find your way through the dark

A family of loving and caring people as far as you can see and a silly dog that has lost its cotton picking mind

Everything is banana pudding and fried chicken 

All lauhs and smiles Haha "CHEESE!!!" 


You wanna know the truth 

Outside is the real world not this fairytale land

Raindrops are the gateway to sickness

The sky is wear people look thinking how the loved one they've lost to violence are doing but hear nothing 

The clouds are not peaceful they carry weight that must be dropped and float through air thats polluted 

The streets are where people sleep,die, hurt, sell themselves, and lose their faith maybe even find it 



Inside is a home of domestic violence where people only have a good day sometimes

A kid who wants to runaway

A room so cold, dark, and alone

A bed that has carried bad dreams and has had a worst past than you can imagine

Food that can poison you if that one button is pressed

The home is where people are abandoned, hurt, cry, starve, beat , rape, crush,and maybe even rebuild 


And to think Outside wants to be in and Insidde wants to be out. Remember there is always Two Sides To The Window and each knows its story

"How can a clear galss still deter you from actuality" Nakiaya Benjamin


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