Two in the Morning

We have all come such long ways.

whether near to our dear, or far from home,

with each a story of our own

It may be patience, trust or love,

new chapters just to prove

how far we came, or how much we regret to take a stand.


each one taught us an important note

in our wild symphony, playing on to the end

with the intense moments of tears

grasped our tongue not to breath of our biggest fear

kept it silent.

as they become more violent,

guarding it from others, holding your heart,

too afraid to let others in and do their part,

strength, faith, and unity has taught us well,

tired from the wounds, with each breath, making it to another day.


I screamed,      shouted, never ceasing this cry

only to realize that I would need say a goodbye,

not caring what would come next, laying there feeling numb,

not to know where it was coming from,

made to seem that this is normal,

this feeling of deep hurt inside, seems so enteral,

waking up, not wanting another day to come,

Haunted by these thoughts, too afraid to say what has been done.


Laying there in the bathroom, covered in blood,

wishing that tomorrows sun will already shine,

Just hoping you will find me a body drawn on the floor of my outline.

tried to cry, felt this is all a dream, as in fact

feeling suffocated, trapped,

wishing you could die, never coming back,

hoping you could see my agony,

I wanted to show you       what has maddened me

to come to this spot, feeling all my hurt that has never stopped.


These people try to push you away, they are scared to help

only for you to realize, this is exactly what it seems like,

Sorrow with loneliness has overcame me,

not knowing what to do, just there drowning into the sea,

keeping myself from crying, trying to keep myself up,

saving my breath, just in case I need to fight

another day, another dawn

not wanting to be here anymore.


Pushing them away,

You are too afraid

of creating another mistake,

disappointed you another time,

trying my best, making up the climb,

to afraid, to speak,

shallow, hurt, laying there, all too weak

to say your name, to speak my pain

my cry, my shame

this has all taught me fear, to be alert, to be strong

I don’t want this for anyone, it is wrong.


barley walking, I can’t stand up,

too tired to open my eyes, but, too anxious to close them,

never knowing what could be thrown at you,

taking every person with caution

because fear, is no longer an option.


You must become strong, be courageous,

be that inspiration, hold your head held high,

You will made it, God will save us,

be the light, be the story that will start some change.


Came across these old memories, making it seem like time was so strange,

All blurred, stilling trying to heal these wounds.

Teaching me compassion, love, and to brave

Is this what it means to be saved?

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My family
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