Two Months to Tomorrow

The shelves are lined with pink and red

Two colors that I wasn’t really fond of,

At least not when I was young


The heart-filled patterns and lovey dovey messages

Made my own heart feel cold

All I could do was ignore the truth



Two months ago

Everything changed


You accepted my rock

And I accepted yours

In a mutual feeling of the heart


Now everything is different

The pink and red don’t feel so black and blue

The heart-filled patterns mimic my own breath


Two months ago

I came back to life

Two months ago

My heart won over my head

And now every time I feel your arms around me


I feel safe


It’s like the ghost can’t get to me

It can’t break me down

It can’t tear me apart

Not when you hold me together


But when we’re apart

I can feel the shadow over my shoulder

I can hear the whispers come back

The lies seep into my soul

Choking me from the inside out

Making me believe in the horrors again


The only thing that keeps the ghost at bay

Is the thought of you

It starts with your smile

Builds up into your eyes

Flows through your hair

And falls back down into your hands

Eventually I get lost in the journey

And suddenly nothing else matters.


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