Two Of Me As One

I met this girl a long while ago

She wasn't right so I had to help her

We became best friends over the years

And then things began to get low


Bullying started and ruined her

She became a whole other person

And so did I, because we were one

We both felt the pain and dealt with the hurt


She took the wrong path 

And of course I followed 

She introduced me to this thing

And I was soon classified as emo to society


Then she left me here to die

So I took my strength and fought

I rewound my life and took a step back

And that was when I realized I was living a lie


I opened my eyes to the world 

I saw opprotunity and change

God had given me another chance

I smiled for the first time in ages- I became the old girl I used to be


And then she came back one day

And we were two again

She had changed her life too

Our eyes were open and we explored our new life


I took in a breath

And opened my eyes again

Those girls who had changed

Became inseparable 

And now Weve grow to become one.


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