Water ripples
Love twists
As the thorns in a bush
Like the crawls of yam tuber
Rising above the horizons
Accidentally it falls

In surprise, the people scream,
"What caused this downfall?"
But that's a question for a third party
The Stem danced and giggled
Laughing at the stupidity of man
Knowing it fell as a result of ignorance

Its pride will be no more
And so will the Pride of Love
Love calls and persuades
Training its root for the crusade
Knowing there will be no decade
Its parade will fade

But its followers will see a raid
Like the stampede of running deers
Love calls and fails
Two young steers being mesmerized
By its calling;
But was failed by it;

When their union draws close to the curtain of nights
And dispenses into thin air
Like it never existed
Life and its dealings are twisted
As much as the tortured remnants
Of a smoked bird.


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