The Twins

I didn't get to see the twins fall, 
I wasn't even in 1,000 miles of it. 
I swear I heard people scream, 
some watching it on tv, 
some watching it with their own eyes. 
I was in a hospital room in my mother's stomach, 
I'm sorry, that they made the twins fall.
They have their reasons, 
many we may never know about. 
Maybe it was to get back at us 
or send a message. 
No one could have thought it would happen, 
we're the United States Of America, 
the big older brother. 
But, it did, 
we all suffered some way or another, 
we may never forgive or forget. 
We just have to power though, 
this glorious country can't seem weak to others, 
but in that moment we did, and 
we had good reason. 
We still have a right to grieve. 

This poem is about: 
My country


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