Twelve Years


Twelve years

Twelve long years we have been here

Locked away

Locked away in this place you call school

We’ve paid our dues and are ready for more

We’ve learned what you can offer

We’ve learned your math

We’ve learned your science

We are so close to the end

But haven’t yet seen the slightest amount of freedom

We keep coming back and for what

Are you finally done teaching us the same thing again and again?

Can we start to learn more?

Let’s discuss

Let’s argue

Let’s see how the outside world will treat us

Have you only been here to supposedly raise us up?

And then throw us out on our own?

If we don’t start to discuss and learn what the next step requires

How do you expect us to even use the knowledge you have offered to us

We are done learning the second pronoun after the conjunctive adjective

We are done learning the quadratic formula for solving unneeded math

We have learned what you can offer

Teach us more

Teach us something new

Teach us real life lessons

Show us real life situations

Prepare us for the inevitable

Or let us get thrown down by others who have been taught this knowledge

Our time is getting short

We are almost done

Twelve years almost over

And so much more to go

I have trusted you for this long

Don’t let me regret my decision

After these twelve long years





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