Tupac Shakur Lives in the Spirit Realm

Hey Tupac it's deyshawon the young bro you was chillin with in music studio Astral Heaven so whassup man how you been Brethen??
Hope all is well dont fall for no temptations lol?
I just have a few questions to ask you man if you and ya God can answer them for me that would
Be great spirit Tupac with no blocked eyes
No I do not idolize you
Question 1

Was the FBI
Waiting for you to slip and fall
So they could frame you so the flies can defame u
Then set ya ass up once n for all
So east nd west rap war can turn into a heated

Question 2

Now that you look back on it what would you have done differently to stop your paranoia Set back's?
You had ah under cover buddy who went by the name Haitian Jack
When u got popped that night in quad studio
Right did u ever stop think to watch the company u keep bro adverse souls was ur worse enemy..

Question 3

Why did you go to Vegas when your God told you it wasn't right then later that night closer to midnight your soul wasn't feeling so bright u was solid inside u felt odd consciously Knowin it was ya last ride
Not too mention u and suge got into a verbal Scuffle in NYC about the rights to makaveli before you materially died in Vegas so who fired those second shots at your body pac?? Did you know Reggie told your security guards not to carry any weapons that night u was set up on the spot as you laid in the spital awaiting for preparation for eternal transition your pineal gland was in current activation
To travel through a new portal of life. so it true are u with your God?? or are u still with us on this physical plane ???
Reply in astral plane projection come
Visit me homie let's have ah conversation
Tell me why we never die
Your friend deyshawon :)

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