Trying to make sense to people while on an emotional roller coaster

Emotional roller coaster takes you thru many emotions.
Something is throwing you off and not being yourself.
You seem right the one moment but then the next moment you're not fine.
Theres many things that can happen, you dont know when.
it may make you happy or may upset you.
you just have to get thru this. so much has happened this past year.
its different where you are but for once you found somewhere you belong.
maybe in this you can conquer the obstacles you have to go thru.
you will see the good in this and it may take time and effort.
someone may understand you in this, but you may be hard to understand to other people.
it may be ridiculous how much you are going thru and how you are taking it.
but look now you can understand me right now
i was just having trouble on making sense to many people then
and i am sorry i was having trouble making sense to you
but guess what?
i am having a better time on making sense to people now.

in life you get good things
but in life you can get bad things too
things take time to get thru the hard times

this past week wasn't easy
it definetly was hard
all the memories of last year made me emotional
just remembering it makes it definetly something that would upset you
its hard to get over it

then this past week
also was hard
dealing with your friends getting in trouble
dealing with your friends doing something that may hurt them
dealing with your parents and stuff that may frusturate you or get upset over

now a new dfferent week
you were happy
after an easy exam
getting out early out of a class or two
buying a t shirt
but then you find out your friend got hit by a car
she was hurt badly

what does this do now
it makes you upset
you feel sad
you wish it didn't hapen
you feel concerned
you feel a wave of emotion

then you need to go to a meeting
you ended up talking to someone that you now considered as a friend
talked about how you are
but also talk about different artists
and which artist you need to youtube now
then talk about different things with FFA
like you talk about different stuff during that meeting with this person
but you know what
you felt better
it definetly distracted you from what has been going on

you know what you definetly need that
you feel happier than you were
being in a better mood
is always an improvement

improvement is always good in life
it gets you further in life
no matter what happens
"life goes on"


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