Try to Have Faith


United States
41° 41' 6.4716" N, 83° 50' 12.1056" W

I'm tired of my heart hurting.

tired of my eyes burning.

nothing ever seems to go right

so i stay up drenched all night

in the tears you bought upon my face

and the hurt brought to me from this place

a town of horror and broken dreams

where nothing else stands true for me

i cannot sleep for fear of wake

so instead i curl and shake

sweat this dirt from atop my skin

the damage you created, right up to the end

i may not know where to go from here

but i know i cannot live in fear

for that is not living, thats just surviving

just know that when everything seems to have "perfect" timing,

there's someone out there waiting for you

you might have to travel the world to find out who

but theres someone there with a nice warm heart

who wants to be, your fresh start.


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