The Truth of the Night

(poems go here) The inching cloud of darkness crept across the sky like impending waves
The landscape was as still and perfect as protected museum artifacts that such a night craves
Uneasiness and curiosity slowly turned into fears
As the realization itself formed as tears
Silence cut through air like a sharp knife as no words were left to say
A soft glow draws in like a seductive snake withering towards its prey
Entering into an unchartered place one might not discover
Alas the churning movements in the skies resemble a scorned lover
Drawing closer and closer to the mystery within
To have ignored the light would be a sin
The slight breeze makes the curtain’s shadow dance
But ends with a sharp glance
As the silence ends with the shattering of glass
And a hovering mass
The dimness of the light reveals such a sight—
The vulnerable truth of the night


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