Truth Hurts

You walk around like you are so high and mighty 

You put yourself on a pedestal 

you’re the sane one 

The reasonable one 

The calm one 

So I thought 

But  lately you've changed 

Lately your behavior resembles that of my alcoholic mother 




Except, your not an alcoholic 

So Tell me, 

when is it ever okay for a father to scream and cuss in his daughters face 

It's not okay  

With mom it's to be expected  

When the glass is in her hand insanity can be detected 

You say be patient  

Be kind 

she's sick 

 it’s the alcohol talking 

But tell me dad 


What's your excuse  

What's your excuse for making your daughter feel so small 

Dose it make you feel more like a man? 

Do you feel powerful 

See the difference between you and mom is  

she has a somewhat plausible excuse  

You don't 

Truth Hurts 



This poem is about: 
My family


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