Trust Me, It’s Not As Bad As You Might Think

Who I am today doesn't matter,

Because tomorrow I’ll be someone else.

And why should it even matter,

When no one cares about what’s behind your smile,

Or frown?


No one liked me when I was me,

And I never knew why.

I always wished I was someone else.


My mask is always changing,

Evolving if you will.

Created by my own design,

Making me something, someone more.


It’s so much better not being alone,

And I know people will say you should be yourself,

But they’re wrong.

Be anything, everything.

It’s so much better,

And so much less alone.


They say that it’s bad to wear masks,

That if you do, no one will ever know the real you.

But I am the mask I made,

And I never regret putting mine on,

Not even for a second,

Because now I don’t feel so alone.

I’m just like everyone else.



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