Trust Me


I know I'm not perfect,

But I promise you it's worth it.

It might sound cheesy,

But for me it's not easy

To tell you how I feel.


If you gave me a chance,

I can make it more than just any romance.

Trust me.

We can go as far out as the sea.

I'll show you how much you mean to me

And all that we can be.


Words cannot explain my feelings for you.

Just know that they are true

Not made up out of the blue.


Let me open your eyes

For we could travel far and wide.

Or not even far,

But to the stars.

Or just stay here as long as there's a way to your heart.


I'm not the same

And this isn't a game.

So don't be lame

And let there be change.

For not dating your type

might just be just right.


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