True Love Travels (T.L.T)

If the earth where to just stop the feeling I had once will remain the same,

I love a challenge really I do but the real thing to know is why am I writing to you?

Maybe it is an addiction

That I can’t stop or maybe it is a movie that we all have to watch,

If I had an excuse of why I love what we do then I would have to say it all because of you,

You and me saw the sea I

Stole your passion it’s all for me,

And now we fall into the

Earth we spin and twirl and kick up dirt,

I found the reason and it hurts fire burns as passion hurts and now the lies are in the sky and now we ride to paradise,

As the pain travels down we finally learned how to smile,

You and I have many tides but the waves we ride will never die,

It is a pain to realize that we were bound to the sky.

I never knew how large we grew and now I can live for you,

You and me crossed the sea and we found a sound that we could keep,

Now we sail to eternity the sail is high and now we go no looking back were on our own

I’d love to see what we do you and I me and you

Its legacy don’t you see you and I you and me

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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