True Love

Does your mind ever wander
onto greener fields in brighter light?
Dost the night last in thy days of ponder?
Do your eyes ever see the stars of bright?

Dost the world weigh heavy on thy head?
Will your eyes ever see me truly again?
Dost the cold night still haunt your bed?
Do your dreams still keep you in the rain?

Will your love ever be spent?
For keeping such things is only selfish.
Spread the flowers of your heart's sentiment.
Dost thou expect me to forever wish.

Rain pours down upon my head.
Dost thy head stay dry tonight?
Outside your house I stand not dead.
Shield my eyes to catch your sight.

Soft gold light makes my shadow grow,
the comforting light doth soothe
the pain that creeps into my heart
For "the course of true love never did run smooth."


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