True Love

 A subject in a million stories  /The catalyst to a thousand wars /A man and a woman deep in love /But I don't call that love. /Love is not at first sight /Lust is /Love is not a shot through the heart /Desire is /Love is not on and off /Not hot and cold /Indecision is /And I know you are asking what makes me think I know this /It is because I have known true love my whole life /It is my mother staying home and cleaning up after me even though she taught me a thousand times to do it myself /It is me making coffee in the morning /Not because I think it tastes better than sewage but because it brings a smile to my brothers face when he is woken to the smell of it /It is my sister bragging about me when I'm not there because she does not do it from seeking my approval but from true love /True love is breaking down a million times /Being lost /Being broke /Losing faith and falling apart /Love is picking up the pieces after a fight and soothing deep pain /Love is waking up in the morning and saying hello as though it is a novelty instead of the morning of your sixtieth wedding anniversary  /It is trust that when you fall you will be caught /And when they do drop you that they will pick you up and help you heal /Love is small acts of kindness /Love is sharing every aspect of your live /Love is not temporary /It passes the grave /Love is not dying with someone /Not Romeo and Juliet /Love is taking a bullet so they don't have to /Love is living on as they can no longer do /Love is patient and kind and indescribable /Love is love /It takes many forms  /Many places many people /And many days of joy 

This poem is about: 
My family


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