True to Herself

Thu, 06/08/2017 - 20:44 -- Samm.

An indecisive prince he was,

With the intent of finding his princess.

Not simply any princess will do.

She must meet all of the rules,

To be considered true.

Thus he went on his voyage to find the ONE,

Only to come home with none.

She must be TRUE,

He exclaimed, or it won’t do.

Suddenly, a raging storm struck,

And to his very luck,

There was a knock on the kingdom door.

To the queens surprise,

With her very own eyes,

She beheld a soggy girl.

Her locks weighed down,

Looking as if she was about to drown,

From the heavy pouring rain.

Shelter she seeked,

Away from the thunder.

The queen surely agreed,

With a trick up her sleeve.

She would test the “princess”,

See if she is true.

A green tiny pea,

Placed under 20 mattresses and 20 eider-down beds.

ONLY a true princess will be sensitive enough to feel it.

Both the prince and the queen were eager,

To find out if she was perfect.

The princess said she slept soundly,

And thanked them for their hospitality.

To the prince’s disappointment,

She was not true.

True in which way she asked him.

He told her that only a true princess

Would have felt the pea.

Suddenly full of rage she spat,

That he was mad.

She was perfect,

True to herself.

And she shouldn’t have to meet

Any rules, any expectations.

The princess didn't have to look

like anyone but herself,

or be anyone but She.

With her parting words,

She left the two,



This poem is about: 
Our world



I wanted to incorporate a serious topic into my first poem. Although, my poetry skills are not great the message is clear. One should never try to meet the expectations of another. Never allow yourself to be subjugated. You are YOU and you should love yourself!

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