Triumph in the Dark

Thousands of runners are almost there
They are coming up to the finish line
But a danger lurks in the crowd
One that no one knows is there
Until it’s too late
The danger drops a book bag near the finish line
Then flees
It’s on the run
It’s hoping to not get caught
But it causes itself to rot
It’s unaware of the danger that it doesn’t care
The runners are 5 seconds away
To victory
Then everything goes wrong
Something explodes
People are thrown all over
Blood is on the ground
There are screams in the air
Screams of despair
Children are crying
People are dying
Some are already gone
Some are holding on to the little sliver of life they still have
Cries of fear
Of shock
Who did this?
The ones who did are already slinking away
Hoping to get away
Oh this day
This day is going downhill
Look here come the emergency crews
Hooray we are saved
Oh but so many are not
They are all everywhere
Trying to save those who bleed
It is one big mess
Everyone is in distress
Family and friends were at that race
You see the horror from your living room
You cry out
Does the danger hear your cries?
Does the danger here the cries of those at the race?
No For the danger is far away
It laughs at all this
All this disgrace it has caused
It has no heart
Its death itself staring you all in the face
It said this was coming
But it didn’t kill everyone
Like it so planned
A lot of those damaged people
They survived
They may have lost their legs or arms
But they never lost their heart
They never lost their fight
For those that never had a fighting chance
Those who died on impact
We remember you
That’s one thing the danger can’t take away
It’s the memories
Memories of those lost lives carry on
Their legacy will continue on
You danger will not
You will be caught
And then left to rot


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