Breath in the trepidation 
Sit on the couch with your contemplation 
Light the cigarette 
Instantly swim in regret 

Inhale the poison that is killing you
Exhale the stress that overwhelms you
Get into an evil circle that you can’t escape
Piece yourself back together with tape

When you feel yourself fall apart
Just replace the part
By lighting another one
Like your you’re holding a gun

About to put it to your skull 
All you have to do is just pull
But you don't do that yet
Your hands are wet with sweat

Something has you tied to this place
Someone keeps ahold of you like a brace 
Keeps you from acting on impulse
Keeps you from your red avulse

Because no matter how far gone you become
No matter how much you feel dumb
Someone, somewhere will love you
They will give you something new

Something that gives you meaning
Something that takes the sadness in a cleaning
So you can wake up and smell the morning air
Something that will make you care

That something is life
it gets rid of your strife
Because we all have rough patches
Like its the last of your matches

But its gets better
Like a sudden change in the weather
So this is from me to you
Even I may love all of you too

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Our world
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This is hopeful, AMEN!

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