A Tree in a Forest of Trees


I am a tree in a forest of trees

At first glance, there's nothing special about me

We're worn down - some more than the rest

We've stood through each storm, through every test


What sets me apart is my soul and my eyes

I've yet to know if they're a curse or a prize

With my eyes I can see life running by fast

My friends walk by, from present, future, and past


With my soul I can feel the sorrows they chase

I can read so far past the smile on their face

WIth these, I could be formidable, friend or foe

(If it wasn't for the fact I'm a tree, you know)


Suddenly, there's something different

I look up to see a storm brew in the distance

This storm gains ground, swirling grey from above

Some name the storm hate and some call it love


The humans run scared and I wish that I could

But with the trees, I brace my weathered wood

When the storm hits, the force of it is so great

I wonder if dying here, now, is my fate


This storm is a new kind, attacking the soul

Only I have one, and it burns like red coals

I can feel the storm winning, tearing me down

Rain starts to pour and I'm afraid I'll drown


It hurts to wither away, bit by tiny bit

As I'm battered on every side by the howling wind

It'd be nice to have a mouth now too, to say goodbye

Before this storm - love or hate - wins, and I die


I am a tree in a forest of trees

But soon, the forest of trees won't have me


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