Tree Climbing


Once I looked down while sitting in my favorite tree

And I asked the tree how high the fall?

The tree responded quietly to me,

"If you worry about falling then you'll never see.

The chances are high that you could tumble,

As the wind could blow, the ground could rumble.

But the view from up here is worth your while,"

The tree said to me the sweetest of smiles.

Though I didn't fall, I knew there would come a day

When the tree would no longer have anything to say.

So down I climbed 'till I reached the ground

And I paused for a moment to look around

I realized that I missed that big old tree

That once upon a time held onto me.

But the grass on the ground was a vibrant green

Though I would never forget the things I'd seen.

I walked through the forest wiser, but alone

Because like the tree, I had grown.


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