The Tree Beside the Sea


We met by the sea

In the billowing greens

By the hanging tree

Where a body was seen

Swaying in summer breezes;

In the tree by the sea

Where the body hung

In the loving change of season,

And no angels sung

The day she died for the world to see

Up in the tree

Among the branches

By the sea.

We met on a golden day,

Long before the fall of night,

And on that day we met,

She said to me

“I loved you in the fall

And I loved you in the spring,

But come unsung winter’s lonely nights

We’ll find we were not meant to be.”

As cryptic as it sounded

It was music to my ears

And for the first time,

After all these years,

I thought myself anything but alone.

We met in summertime,

With thundering silence to keep us warm,

And the hearts of hundreds wept that day,

For I were the one

To take her away,

And now a body hangs

Among the branches

Of the hanging tree.

A lifeless lovely lady

Lies lowly in the breeze,

Her body dancing to the waving of the sea,

Unlike the way

She danced with me

When I loved her,

And she loved me.


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