For Trayvon


United States
33° 22' 6.2796" N, 111° 56' 3.7104" W

The beautiful thing about a voice is sometimes it speaks louder from heaven.
Mr. Zimmerman, you may have taken a life, but you have also awaken the angels.
We will plug in our mics.
We will plug in our surround sound speakers.
You will hear Trayvon's name every day that you are alive.
His voice will not die.
His life will not go unnoticed.
Congratulations Mr. Zimmerman. You have changed our lives.
You have shown another generation just how much we do love.
You have taught us that it is not the the color of our skin but the conversations that we take part in that will awaken us.
You have started a movement so opposed to your blindness that even through the darkness you will see his face.
Lighting up each and every night.
In every face, black, brown, red, yellow, and white.

This is for the all the boys, growing into men.
This is for every man who fights for his right to be American.
This is for every girl who wants to vote for them.
This is for every kid who hides in his hoodie.
This is for every dreamer who is too scared to speak.
This is for every kid who just wants to enjoy his bag of skittles.
This is for the Americans who still hold out hope for the rest of America.
This is for Trayvon.
His voice will live on.

Though you sought to divide.
You will not silence his life.
You will not remove from us the voice of love.
Peace. Unity.
We will ensure the dissection of your impunity.
Prudently engaging our scrutiny,
Improving the community that reputedly found your brutality suitable for it's streets.

This is for Trayvon.
A child. A treasure. American.

This is for Rodney.
A truck driver. A man. A dream.

This is for Martin.
A husband. A father. A King.

This is for Rosa.
A beauty. A woman. Like me.

This is for Stokley.
A voter. A pillar. A rider.

This is for Ceasar.
A leader. A vegan. A worker.

This is for Lincoln.
A brother. A lawyer. A believer.

This is for Trayvon.
Whose life and voice will live on and on and on and on...

In Loving Memory of Trayvon Martin.



that was amazing ! it touched my i almost started to cry 

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