Trapped.I'm stuck in this



I'm stuck in this body
I'm stuck in this mind
hidden far from the world I know
farther from the hurt I've known
in a fortress
at the depths of my soul.

Pound after pound
Day after day
Incessant beating
Never seems to stray.

In the cruellest of forms
This beating that I feel
all through my body...even in my veins
slowly killing me, all that's left is vain
these remnants of my soul.

Pound after pound
Day after day
Incessant beating
Please take me away.

Tantalizingly close
You've brought me here
Now push me over the edge
I have no fear
But, no! You just pound
Harder and harder
I can't restrain
Feels like I might succumb to the pain....

Pound after pound
Day after Day
Incessant beating
Finish this today!



This is a very haunting poem, made more so by the repetition of "Pound after pound / Day after day / Incessant beating." While I was reading the poem this phrase reminded me of the repetitive, eerie music that is ever present in horror movies just before something frightening is about to occur.


Hmm really..those lines were actually inspired by a horrible migraine i had (which had already lasted for about a week!) while i was writing incessant pounding in my head- the majority of this was inspired by my headache actually and I used the repitition to emphasize the fact that something so small had such a huge effect on me. It was almost like the pounding in my head was defeating (or beating) me...which is also quite a haunting feeling I suppose. But thanks for the feedback :)


It's really interesting how one poem can be interpreted in so many different ways!

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