and Representations of such

Are getting hard to keep up

You want to fit in

To be in "the norm"

Yet you want to be an individual

You are Trapped


Being what your elders expect you to be

and then what your friends expect you to be

is hard to do

To be so different

and Act So Different

It's a tiring facade


To be part of a masquerade

Of great proportions 

Or to be able

To stand up for yourself 

And be original

To be You


To be free

That's what you want.

Yet it's so far 

Out of Reach



To have your creativity

Smothered and crushed

Into pieces we fall

Crumbling and trying to contain ourselves

Failing because we hold passion

And when it shines through

It becomes bold and evident

Even into the darkest of places


No more suppression

Yourself. Your Whole Self. 

Is shining through and finally

Things are looking up 

No more expectations to meet

No more temptations to defeat.

No more being... Trapped.




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