wrap myself up in the soft comfort of my blanket

Pulling it over my shoulders and across my chest

Protecting myself from imaginary threats

I let my feelings pour out in the safety of darkness

The night whispers it's condolence

Here in this moment I can close my eyes to the pain of this world

Let my awareness trickle away

And forget my heart ever broke in the first place

My dreams can carry me to places far from here

I can escape the silent torment of my thoughts 

But instead i lay awake

Tangled up in the fabric of my fantasies

As worry after worry cloud my clarity

My head spins with chaos

My body filled with tension 

Tears beg to escape 

Stinging my eyes in a desperate attempt to free themselves

Screams threaten to erupt

But can't because there is no air in my lungs

My body wants to move

To pulse and lash out

But i'm suppressed by silence

By fear

I lay motionless while a war rages inside

Im restless and anxious

Broken and beaten

But unable to show it.


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