The girl with the blonde golden hair that drapes

like ice sickles on a winter night.

Her brown eyes glisten in the night 

coextensive to fresh cut diamonds reflecting 


The girl that was born in acres of conflict.

It can almost strangle her

of a life of extent. 

She is the heaven of thought.



Airra was in a dark sinkhole that

never stop getting darker.

Airra was not the long-lost girl

that lose.

She fights to make sure she 

don’t fall into the demons of thought.



Heaven of thought was giving into the power of the demons 

of thought.

Heaven of thought was hit with tragedy when the person she

love turns their back on her.

The emptiness of hate love is what made her 

Betray Heaven of thought.



Airra friend is the lost little girl.

Demon of thought is the little girl that feels so low

she will cause other devastating pain.

Her family see nothing but the self pity 

they contain for themselves.



Heaven of thought  had close people that has the same 

boiling blood circulating through their veins as her.

Sometimes blood isn't thicker than water.

Airra accepted that she had no one but her one true.

Heaven of thought accepted her fate of looking out for herself.

Airra saw the damage her family went through and damage that

was brought on to the kids.

She saw the damage of what one lost girl can cause.



Heaven of thought swore to never give in to the outside demons.

Heaven of thought wanted to fight for her happiness.

She did just that by working hard in school.

She put everything to succeed and go to college.

Just as fire needs oxygen.



She accepted some people waste there exists feeling sorry for themselves.

Airra refuses to be that person.

Heaven of thought promise to never allow her future family

to deteriorate as she did.

Airra flourishes in life and conquer the hate in her family.

Airra believes everything happens for a reason.

Without the demons in her life, she would not be who she is today.

Heaven of thought demons made her strong.



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