Two little caterpillars sit on a stone

Scurrying and hurrying into the unknown.

They part separate ways and say their goodbyes,

Venturing towards a lurking surprise.

Eating their veggies with water to drink,

Each one spins about, not a second to blink.

There's a warm fuzzy feeling inside their cocoon

2 weeks have passed, they'll be hatching quite soon.

Then magically out of the cocoons, they fly!

Sweet butterflies emerge and take to the sky.

Not knowing the time or their place in the land,

They seek an adventure, completely unplanned.

As fate would have it, why for? Not a clue.

The two butterflies met at the the place they first grew.

Sharing their stories and falling in love, 

By the Mother Nature above.

Together they noticed that time flew much faster,

But they enjoyed every second happily ever after.


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