Gliding in air along with the birds
The feeling was there, however, no words
Peaceful was the day, the light was so bright
The clouds were transparent and I was the sky
It’s so quiet up here, no one insight
And then in a blink of an eye, a bird takes flight
The wings spread like the ocean in Moses
And the freedom was just the same, but no would know this
It’s a secret not shared with many I know
But it’s time to part and just let go
Why float in mid-air? Can’t no more
So as time descends, so does the weather
The air feels fresh and people together
Spirits bonded below and up above the feathers, they go
Who knows, don’t be afraid, just remember you know


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

there is nothing like having peace in your heart as you expressed clearly in this poem
having tranquility changes many perceptions on how you view life in the beginning


Got to start somewhere and stick to least that's the advice a good friend expressed to me ;)

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