The Train's Derailed


United States
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I'm sitting down with my books, about to study.

I tell myself I've got this, I tell myself I'm ready.

I believe in myself, so does my mom,

Tells me I'm a winner, I've got to keep calm.


I'm ready, my train of thought's going full speed,

I'm confident, and I shout clear and loud,

"Mom I know it I'm gonna succeed,

mom I'm going to do you proud."


She's so happy to hear that, she's worked so hard,

sent me to this college we thought we couldn't afford.

It's like this dream's paying off for her,

god knows her sweat and efforts.


That definitely ought to get me great grades, I bet

But alas, moments later I can't, I'm done

With both a childish enjoyment and a sense of regret

I daydream, and her effort's undone.


Mom I'm gonna do you proud,

those words keep echoing in my head

I cry, bash myself and scream since now

the passengers on that train are dead


I tell myself I'm a smart guy, I can do this

so do my parents, they believe I can never fail

I'm scrambling, I want back my attention and focus

But it's too late, the train's derailed




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