On This Trail I Ride

My hair is getting blown in the wind as I pedal over rocks and dirtThis trail is bumpier than I had heardBut this doesn't stop meAnd I choose to pedal fasterAnd all around, leaves shed from their branches above meAs all of my struggles and bad memories doAnd yet I continue to pedal onward The sky is lit upLike a blossoming canopy of red rose petals Or petals on a tiger lilyAnd inside, ambition and anxiety fill meTo the brim, tempting to boil overAnd pure drive pushes me to keep following my dreams...And it's a feeling I have never felt before The grip on my bike fails And I fall to the groundI think back to hours spent gripping The BarPliés, Battements, And Relevés for hoursAnd my feet telling me that I can go onThat all my work will be worth it and not to listen to othersThat they are all wrong And for a guy infatuated with Dance and ballet, I choose to immerse myself in the vastness of a trail in the forestAnd I know not where it goesAnd it seems thoughI might be choosing to be a guy or the shell of oneAnd doubting the very skin I'd been given Because I come to find I don't fit in  The scrapes of my spill Show me the not-so-sheer thrill Of choosing between two pieces of wholeAnd choosing to empty my colored insides to those around meThose who may judge meThose who may disregard meThose who may disown me I get back on my bike and I look forward to the rest of this trailWith my passions and dreams guiding me forward To dance like Barishnikov or act on BroadwayI am pedaling towards thatAnd as for my colors inside I think it's best if they hideAnd to put them off to come back to later  To be discovered again...On this trail I ride 

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